Sweaty Betty’s End Of Year Sale Has Leggings Discounted To As Little As $26

When it comes to leggings that look and feel good for all day wear, I’m of the opinion that one brand reigns supreme: Sweaty Betty. Comfortable, smooth to the touch, and flattering (two words: bum sculpting), I both love and blame the British retailer for ruining all other leggings for me. So, when I saw the luxe activewear brand was holding a End of Year Sale this morning with styles up to 60 percent off, including leggings starting at $26, I nearly knocked over my coffee.

For the uninitiated, Sweaty Betty is hugely popular in England, though it’s hardly under-the-radar in the U.S. Celebrities such as Jennifer Anniston, Tracee Ellis Ross and Jessica Alba have been wearing the brand for years. (Also, fun fact: One pair of SB’s Power Leggings have sold every 90 seconds in 2020.)

Sweaty Betty makes a handful of different legging in 7/8 and full-length versions. Admittedly, I haven’t tried every single style, but the two styles I swear by most are the brand’s Power legging and Super Sculpt legging. The former is so wildly comfy that I’ve worn them on eight-hour flights, long walks, spinning, barre, and just for all-day lounging, too. The Super Sculpt, meanwhile, has a slightly more compressive fit which lends well to HIIT classes, yoga, and running.

On the fence about which to pair to order? It’s worth noting that Sweaty Betty’s site has a Leggings Quiz, which sounds like a marketing gimmick but is actually a helpful way to figure out exactly which leggings are right for you. (I found the two best leggings I’ve ever owned this way, at least.)

Considering how beloved the brand is, you’d be wise to not procrastinate as styles are already selling out left and right. PS: If you’re doing your holiday shopping super last minute and are inevitably going to be late in getting presents to loved ones, you might as well go with Sweaty Betty.

Shop Sweaty Betty Best Sellers On Sale

$40 $24 (40% off)

$88 $35 (60% off)

$128 $76 (41% off)

$100 $50 (50% off)

$128 $76 (41% off) 

$148 $88 (41% off)

$108 $64 (41% off)

$128 $51 (60% off)

$58 $34 (41% off)

$100 $50 (50% off)

$9 $5 (44% off)

$98 $58 (41% off)

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