Savvy mum with no radiator space uses her daughter’s old cot to dry clothes and is hailed a ‘genius’

A SAVVY mum revealed she’s re-purposed her daughter’s old cot to dry clothes as she’s short of radiator space in her house. 

Any parent will know laundry seems never ending, and it can be tough finding space to dry the countless loads. 

After admitting her dryer is "useless", one mum decided to re-purpose her daughter’s old cot to air laundry, rather than fork out for a clothes horse. 

After covering all her radiators in washingshe took off the side of the cot and propped it up against the wall, and used the rungs to dry clothes. 

Sharing her nifty tip to Facebook group to DIY On A Budget UK, she said: “Some may think of it as a daft idea, but my dryer is useless and I don’t have loads of radiator space….

“So I blagged it and made (I didn’t make it I just improvised lol) my own clothes horses using the sides from my daughters cot…

The washing is the easy part, drying it is a whole different story!

“Have been using these for around 3 years and saves so much space and still room left on radiators if I’m a bit backed up on washing.” 

Hundreds have praised the idea calling the mum a ‘genius’, with parents admitting they did the same with their old cot. 

One mum said: “I do this as well!! I have a clothes airer as well, 4 kids, 3 of which are boys and a other half! I always have plenty of washing to do.

“The washing is the easy part, drying it is a whole different story!”

Another wrote: “I have made my daughter old cot into a desk and I’ve got 1 side lent up against it not knowing what to do with it. Now I know.”

While a third commented: “Excellent idea.”

And this mum wrote: “Great idea I’ve just took the cot side off my daughter’s.”

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