People are so stunned by my hot girl transitions they think I’m two people… I just know how to use make-up | The Sun

THERE isn't much you can’t do these days with makeup. 

If you've got the right products and the right skills you can become anything you want to be. 

One person who understands that is US based makeup fan Angela. 

The creator who goes by @anchoringangela on TikTok has been going viral for her transformative looks. 

The beauty fans concealer skills have become legend as she is able to cover up her prominent undereye bags. 

Angela has an extensive concealer routine to cover up her ‘puffy and red’ under eye bags. 

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She uses an eye cream, before she ‘slathers’ on two concealers and a setting powder.

The make up fan explained it was always an insecurity she’d had since she was young. 

She explained: "When I was younger people would constantly ask me if I was sick or tired because of my undereye bags. Literally from the time I was in kindergarten.”

“So I dove into makeup trying to cover that insecurity. Now that I've mastered that, people try to make me feel bad.”

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But even the makeup fan can't deny her makeovers are drastic.

One user said: “She looks like two completely different people.”

A second viewer said: “Bow to the masters of disguise.”

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“Dude she went from 50 to 30”, said another user. 

Some people can’t believe the beauty fan's transformative looks are real, insisting that she must be using filters. 

One user said: “Now without the filter.”

Another said: “Makeup is a big lie.”

Angela has since responded to comments saying: “Trust me, filters don't fix my face, my makeup skills do.”

But the makeup fan has a great many supporters racking up over 329,000 followers online who leave kind comments. 

One user said: “Love your transformations!!!”

Another said: “Your final looks are, but LOVE that you always start without make-up.“

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“You're beautiful without makeup some men just need to stay single I swear,” said another. 

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