My butt was 'chopped off' & I was in hospital for 18 days after a simple holiday error – sitting down is now impossible | The Sun

A WOMAN has revealed how a scary boating accident led to her “butt being chopped off.”

Kenzey Hunt, 20, revealed how she was hit by a boat’s propeller which has led to her being unable to sit down properly during her recovery.

With the help of her sister Sydney, Kenzey started sharing her painful-sounding story on TikTok in August, days after the accident took place.

Kenzey had been on a girls’ trip to South Carolina with some friends and they had decided to go tubing one day.

She said in a video: “My friend’s husband, we went with all his friends, so we didn’t know a bunch of them.

“I was on the tube with one other girl and one of the guys that I didn’t know was driving.

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“One of the girls fell off and he went to pick her up. 

"He made a really sharp U-turn and the rope was really slacked, and he just came, hit me, head on, and I was still laying on the tube headfirst.

“I got sucked under the boat and got hit by the prop.”

Kenzey also shared how the rope got caught around her neck and gave her whiplash when she came up.

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But the greatest injuries were sustained on her bottom.

She added: "It got my butt pretty good, so my butt was just kind of open.

"I felt it, and there was just blood everywhere."

After seeing the gushing wound, her sister was “in shock”, but they managed to get her in a boat with the help of one of the men.

The police were called and Kenzey went to hospital where she learned her foot was fractured in two places and she had also suffered a fracture to her pelvis.

Doctors also found severe injuries in her middle and back, and they informed her that she would need to wear a colostomy bag for six months to collect waste.

Kenzey uploaded a video describing exactly what happened to her a butt and used a whiteboard diagram to explain it further.

Speaking to Insider, she revealed how the propeller caused five or six “pretty deep” lacerations on her body.

She also said her bottom needed to be "spread out" and "pushed or held together."

Kenzey said: "One of the cuts did leave a section hanging off.

"I had towels pushed up against the wounds until the EMTs were able to wrap it up better."

Despite how painful and serious the accident was, Kenzey is able to poke fun at her injury.

In response to someone asking “did it hurt when you got hit by a boat and it chopped your butt off?”, she had a comical response.

In a follow-up clip, Kenzey said: “NO!! It actually felt so good.”

Many people asked if she was angry at the man who ran her over, she said she was frustrated at the time, but has since forgiven him and won’t take the matter further. 

After spending 18 days going between two hospitals in South Carolina, she was able to go home on September 1, which she described as "freeing and relieving".

However, recovery is still excruciating.

She said: "My injuries are unique, and with not being able to put any weight on my butt or foot, [it] makes moving around and relaxing difficult.

"We've been able to figure out a good system for me to get around, shower, sleep … Having to move around and figuring out a new system has been a little harder mentally because that's when it really hits me how real it all is. But I have had incredible help and support to get me through." 


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Many people have praised her positive response to the accident, with one saying: "I find your outlook and attitude fantastic! I can see you have ups and downs, but you are really inspiring.”

Kenzey said she can’t wait for “so many things” when she has fully recovered, including going back to work as a youth mentor for a residential treatment centre for teen boys.

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