Mums praise £2.50 Home Bargains spray for speeding up the ironing by instantly getting rid of creases in clothes

IT'S one of our most hated household chores – but sadly the ironing won't magically do it itself… or so we always thought.

That's right, Lenor has brought out a £2.50 "Crease Releaser" spray which promises to cut down on our ironing time – and mums can't get enough of it.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, mum Rachel Furness, from Morley, West Yorkshire, stocked up on both the Spring Awakening and Gold Orchid fragrances.

Sharing amazing before-and-after photos with the group's 166,000 members, Rachel tried out the new product on a crumpled grey and white T-shirt.

The mum started by spraying the top so it was damp, before pulling it down, smoothing over the creases and hanging it up in her wardrobe.

She wrote: "Still a bit wet but wow. Just spray quite a bit on so it's damp and slightly pulled the top so it was nice and flat."

Moments later, the creases had totally disappeared and the top looked like it had been freshly ironed – and you can use it on bed linen and shirts too.

And the best part is, you can pick up the miracle products for just £2.50 in Home Bargains or B&M.

Crease releasing sprays work by helping to relax the fibres of your fabric so that the wrinkles can be removed – which makes them perfect for travelling or if you really can't stand ironing… guilty as charged.

Unsurprisingly, cleaning fans are now desperate to get their hands on the spray – which is already fetching up to £10-a-bottle on eBay.

  • Lenor Crease Releaser, £9.99 from eBay – buy now

Sharing her own success story, one user replied: "It's worked a treat on my linen bedding which creases when we are sleeping. Absolutely chuffed that I can make the bed, give it a quick spray and it looks freshly ironed again!"

Another added: "Omg yessssss need this in my life!"

Tagging a friend in the comments, a third wrote: "I never have to iron again – I knew they would bring a product for me."

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