Mum turns entire double bed into a massive baby cot thanks to fake sides she bought off Amazon

A MUM has found a genius solution to preventing toddlers from falling off the side of her double bed. 

TikTok user @thefelfam showed how she turned her bed into a massive baby cot thanks to buying fake sides from Amazon.

Hailing the product the “best purchase ever”, she shared a video of her snug set up.

In the clip, the savvy mum was able to watch TV with her kids, with them safe to roam if they pleased on the bed. 

And the best part is that she can bring the sides up and down in seconds if she is setting the bed up. 

Many people were highly impressed with the idea, and her clip has racked up over 3.3million views. 

One wrote: “How sick is this, I want one.”

Another replied: “I bought this last month and it’s the best purchase ever.”

And a third joked: “I don’t even have a kid and I want this.”

On Amazon, the description reads: “Because your baby is starting to grow and his or her cot is not as comfortable or safe as it used to be. 

“Moving to a larger bed is a big change, one that comes with dangers too: the baby might roll over and fall out of the bed. 

“That is why we have created a special mash bed rail, a simple and practical item that will make bedtime safer for your toddler, while also keeping things comfortable for the parents.”

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