Mum shares genius way she stops her kids tantruming WITHOUT ordering a time out

A MUM has claimed that “time in corners” are the secret to stopping kids having tantrums, NOT “time outs”.

TikTok user Lauren Mejia, who posts under @lauren_mejia_, says that she prefers to do “gentle parenting” with her kids, instead of telling them off and giving them rules.

She said she has banned “time outs” and instead has made a special “time in” corner with items for her kids.

Lauren, who has racked up 6.6million likes for her parenting hacks, said the quiet spot includes “feeling pictures” so kids can try to identify what they are experiencing emotionally.

It also has a large fleecy bean bag so they have a “cozy soft spot to sit”.

In order to help them calm down from feeling angry, there are books to help them relax.

If they need more entertainment, Lauren has included a wooden box which contains “fidgets, sensory bottles, PlayDoh and mess-free colouring.”


Her “time in” corner has attracted a lot of attention on TikTok, and many parents praised the idea. 

One said: “I wish everyone loved their kids as much as you do.”

Another added: “I started working on a similar space for my daughter and it was really helpful.”

However, one mum wasn’t convinced it would work with her kids, and wrote: “My son would simply throw it all at me.”

Gentle parenting is described as a style that promotes a relationship with your children based on willingness and choices, rather than demands and rules.

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