Mum revamps her BBQ using a £2.99 spray from Aldi and it looks brand new

THERE'S nothing better than bringing the barbecue out on a hot summer's day.

But if your BBQ is showing sign of wear and tear from the year that was then this woman's cheap hack to have your rusty garden grill looking brand new is for you.

Cleaning enthusiast Sophie Parker shared her amazing BBQ transformation using a £2.99 spray from Aldi on Facebook group Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK.

The DIY fan used Aldi's Easy Home Black Oven Spray to cover her weather barbecue, which left fellow social media users astounded.

Sophie shared a striking before of her garden grill, which was rusted and discoloured due to the British weather's element, and then photos of the BBQ after her astounding revamp.

"Not quite sure if already posted… BBQ revamp for £2.99!!" she penned. "Before and After Pics only £2.99 from Aldi!"

Getting a flood of compliments for her transformation, she explained to fellow DIYers that she only used one can for the entire project and didn't use it on the inside – instead she opted to jetwash that.

Praising her ingenuity, a fellow BBQ lover said: "Badly needing mines done or hubby gonna scrap it lol"

"Looks like new," another commended her. "Ooo i need this for my log burner thanks".

While a third shared: "We have done this to our bbq and chiminea every year for the last 7 years and it comes up good as new every year."

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