I've just had a boob job – these are the 8 things nobody tells you about it

WHEN you're considering cosmetic surgery, the thought of going under the knife probably feels like the most daunting part.

But a Scots influencer has lifted the lid on the hard and lengthy recovery process that you can also face after a boob job.

Alix Taylor, from Aberdeen, said she has been struggling with eight basic issues around her flat since her own operation – and some of them may surprise you.

The blonde beauty said she thought she was "doing herself a favour" by not thinking beyond the surgery.

But she's now admitted: "I wish I had so I could have prepared myself physically and mentally."

Alix has now shared her post-op experience to help prepare other people considering surgery.

And her TikTok video has already racked up more than 825,000 views.

In the clip, she warned: "You can’t lift up your arms.

"Don’t recover in a flat with heavy doors or you’ll need your boyfriend to help you get anywhere.

"Your ass gets sore from sitting on it all day every day. I used pillows to help, you should get a mattress topper.

"Cotton pads will become your best friend because the surgical bra grates your nipples off."

She added" Everything needs to be left open because you don’t have the strength to open it yourself.


"If you’ve been lying in the same position a while, you’ll get stuck and need someone to help sit you up.

"You need an extra five minutes getting ready to hairdryer your tit tape after the shower, on cold setting.

"You are bloated 24/7 because of the Cocodamol."

Others have applauded Alix's spot on description and shared details about their own recovery from the cosmetic procedure.

One said: “Sleeping sitting up has to be the single worst thing with the recovery.”

Another added: “Trying to wash your hair for the first time.”

And a third wrote: “Oh the accuracy. Trying to get changed the first few weeks was horrible."

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But some have been shocked by the Aberdeen lass's lengthy recovery time, after returning “straight back to normal” when they left hospital.

One said: “Why was this not true for me? I was off the meds when I left the hospital and went straight back to normal life, minimal pain and few restrictions.

And another wrote: “I’m four weeks today post op. I can quite gladly say I can’t relate to all. I guess everyone’s paint threshold is different."

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