I’m such a cheapskate, I rifle through bins for coupons – it hurts me to pay full price for anything

WITH prices soaring on everything from food, to beauty products and homeware – it’s a good time to start thinking about how you can cut the costs on certain things. 

And one woman has got it down to a 'T'. 

Desirae Young, 24, has hundreds of products in her spare bedroom which she managed to bag all for free. 

From cleaning products, to shower gels, baby products and food – Desirae certainly knows a bargain when she sees one. 

Talking on TLC, she says: “It hurts me to pay for anything.” 

She does this by collecting massive amounts of coupons. 

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A coupon is a ticket or document that can be redeemed for a financial discount or rebate when purchasing a product and they are used in retail stores as a part of sales promotions.

Desirae is so dedicated, that she even trawls through outdoor bins for the coupons.

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She says: “If you want to save money, dumpster dive.”

Desirae, who works as a homemaker, continues: “You wouldn’t believe how much money is thrown away in those dumpsters.” 

The weekly ‘dumpster dives’ have allowed Desirae to 2400 household and food items.

It even includes 420 razors.

She says: “The retail cost for all of these razors is close to 4,000 dollars and I paid absolutely nothing for them.

“I will never run out of deodorant and body wash, I’m never going to stink.

I am addicted to couponing

“If I ever am pressed for space, that is when I will donate.” 

Desirae said it was when her son was born that she started living from pay cheque to pay cheque. 

She says: “We would buy groceries and then have like 20 dollars to live off.

“Then when I started living from coupons, people on online forums would say if I kept to it and dedicated to it, that I would start saving more and more money.” 

Desirae, from Kannapolis, NC dedicates around 60 hours to couponing each week and she keeps a very tight daily schedule.

She says: “I am addicted to couponing.”

Many people were quick to comment on her shopping habits too. 

One wrote: “As a grocery store cashier, this is a nightmare for me. this is the customer we’re gonna talk about for the rest of the week.”

Another added: “That is amazing! Any homeless shelter or food bank would love a donation like that. She sure puts a lot of work into getting groceries.”

A third added: “I'm all for saving money. The thing is that with this type of saving, you save on products you don't need, like 50 toothpaste.    

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“You need toothpaste, but not 50 boxes. I've known the feeling living paycheck to paycheck(SIC) but I can't understand how she does all that work for mostly things she can't eat.

"At least, she donates. She helps others when she doesn't have space anymore.”

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