I’m plus-size & bought the new bikini from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS swim – there were major fit issues, I was so sad | The Sun

FANS can't get enough of Kim Kardashian's clothing collection, SKIMS – especially now that it's swimsuit season.

The brand's newest swimwear release caught the eye of one plus-size fashion blogger, who ordered a bikini right away, only to be left disappointed once it arrived at her home.

On her TikTok page, Madison Brinn held up an unassuming brown envelope and grinned as she prepared to reveal what was inside.

"Last week, SKIMS came out with a new swim line," Brinn said, adding that she was happy she managed to order the super-popular swimwear before it sold out.

She had immediately felt drawn to the bright pink shade, Taffy, showcased in the new drop. "It was stunning," Brinn said.

Brinn ordered the Tank Bikini Top ($48) in a 3X and the Mid Waist Bottoms ($38) in a 2X, following the sizing chart – but once she had the bikini out of the package, she was skeptical.


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"I don't know if it will fit me," Brinn warned viewers, holding up the individual pieces of the swimsuit for inspection. "That's okay. Sometimes things don't fit, but at least I have to try."

To keep her modesty intact, Brinn made a clever creative choice.

"Let's try it over my shirt because I know we can't show this on the internet," she said, laughing a little at her own modesty.

Once she had the bikini top on, Brinn knew she was right. Underneath the swimsuit, there was plenty of "spillage" out the top and bottom of the tank top.

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Luckily, it was covered by her t-shirt. Brinn turned to show the extent of the area not covered by her bikini top.

"The top, unfortunately, is not going to work at all," she said with disappointment in her voice.

Following the precedent she'd set with her top, Brinn pulled on the bikini bottoms over her clothes, too.

Even though they were a smaller size, Brinn felt that the bottoms provided more complete coverage. They were definitely cheeky, she said, but didn't leave her feeling totally exposed.

And despite the fit issues, Brinn was otherwise impressed by the swimwear. "The quality feels really nice," she said.

She told her viewers that even though the SKIMS bikini wouldn't work for her, they should order the stylish swimsuits ASAP.

"If you can fit into them, you guys need to – well, they're probably all sold out," Brinn said. So, she amended her message and told SKIMS fans to watch out for the next drop, and keep her sizing notes in mind.

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