I’m plus-size and people always expect me to cover up but I don't care – I’ll wear whatever I want | The Sun

THE best way to look good in any outfit is to feel confident when you're wearing it.

And one plus-size woman proved just that when she showed off what she likes to wear on TikTok.

Brianna Brealand often posts videos online but in a recent clip she shared something that a lot of other people could relate to.

In the first half of the clip, Brianna stood wearing an oversized grey hoodie with the caption: "How people expect big people to dress."

The basic outfit looked fine, but it just didn't show off any of fashion fan's personality.

Then in the second half of the video, she showed off how she really dresses.


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Swapping the huge hoodie for a tight top with a cut-out section on the chest, Brianna looked so much happier in the figure-hugging look.

But despite her confidence, Brianna still gets back handed compliments about her looks.

In a separate clip she revealed that people often tell her she's "pretty for a big girl."

Viewers were quick to defend Brianna and agreed that the sly comments aren't always welcome.

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One commented: "You're gorgeous no matter your size – if you're pretty, you're pretty. PERIOD."

And while people might not expect her to wear more revealing clothing, the body positive stunner often wears crop tops and other looks that plus-size people sometimes avoid.

Viewers loved Brianna's confidence and agreed that she should wear whatever she wants.

One said: "If we weren't made to wear clothes like that why make them in bigger sizes? You slayed."

A second agreed: "Love the positive mindset."

And someone else wrote: "If anything is slightly showing my stomach I don't wear it.

"Thank you for this I needed the boost of confidence."

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