I'm plus-size and I did a mega Shein haul – here are my honest thoughts on how the cheap tops look on a fat girl | The Sun

ONLINE shopping can often seem like a bit of a mission and with thousands of different options to choose from, getting clothes that not only look good but fit well too can be a tough challenge. 

20-year-old fashion fan Emma, known on TikTok as @emmatheabomination, describes herself as “fat and obnoxious” and recently took to the video sharing platform to share her plus-size Shein haul. 

She said: “Plus-size Shein haul – lets do it.

“So today I have seven different tops that I would like to try on – you give me your feedback, I'll give you mine”.

The first top that the fashionista tried was a striped t-shirt.

She explained: “First order of business, we have this shirt right here. I ordered it in a size up and wanted to combat the idea that plus-size people should not wear horizontal stripes because it makes them look bigger.

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“It is a bit big but I think if I tucked it in in the back or in the front or even just with leggings, I appreciate this and I like the stripes”.

The next top that Emma tested was a brown and beige mushroom t-shirt.

She continued: “Second order of business, this is a crop top but not super cropped, it’s very stretchy, lightweight, very nice to wear.

“Basically, I absolutely adore it – any pants could go with this, I’m a sucker for brown, I love it”.

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Following this, Emma tried on a glam black top.

She added: “Next order of business is this black top, it has a little opening.

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“Stop it right now, this is so cute. I feel like the tie either makes it or breaks it”.

After this, we see the plus-size babe try on a bright orange crop top.

She explained: “Now this top right here, it has a v-shaped cut at the bottom, I don’t know if I’m going to like it.

“How are we feeling? I appreciate it’s loose and makes the girls [breasts] look good but I don’t know if I appreciate the cut at the bottom, I don’t hate it”.

As the haul continued, we see Emma give her verdict on a strappy red top.

The social media fan said: “I purchased this top in red and you need to stop right now.

“I thought this was going to be shorter than this but I appreciate this, I love the material, I think red is my colour, I really like it”.

Finally, we see the fashion fan try on a brown striped sweater.

She concluded: “Last one, this is a sweater. 

“Basically it's perfect, it’s oversized like I wanted and it’s loose enough so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating.

“I’d say this was a good haul”. 

Emma’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly garnered 37.1k views.

It has 7,202 likes, 257 comments and 11 shares.

One person said: “LOVE THE RED ONE”. 

Another added: “I love everything, my faves being the black top, the red top & the mushroom top, in that order. Least fav is the orange but it’s still cute too”. 

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A third commented: “I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE ORANGE!! we have the same body type”. 

Meanwhile, someone else posted: “You look perfect in everything omg I need to add all of these to my cart rn”.

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