I’m fuming after my neighbour decided to paint my side of the fence without telling me – people say I’m overreacting | The Sun

WE would all love to get on with our neighbours – but it isn't a guarantee.

And one mum has been left reeling after noticing her neighbours painted her side of the fence and she claims it's now been 'ruined.'

Taking to Mumsnet, the woman revealed that she was left in shock when she walked into her back garden and spotted one side of the wooden fencing was discoloured.

But it turned out her neighbour had decided to come over and stain her side of the fence.

Staining is often done to prevent wooden fences from rotting, fading and splintering, but it didn't go down well.

She wrote: "My new neighbour has ruined our fence (in our deeds) by staining their side without our permission.


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"They lied and told me it was a treatment when I asked them when it would dry clear (which they also assured me it would do!).

"As it's a stain, it cannot be jet washed or sanded off. It's affected about 30/40ft of around 120ft of our boundary.

"We hate the colour so will not be staining ours, plus it would only damage our other fences when it seeps through."

The homeowner now wants her neighbours to pay for a new fence but wanted advise on how to handle the situation.

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She continued: "I've reached out, they offered to go halves on the stain (jokers!!… Not happening).

"In my eyes the only way to rectify this is by replacing the whole thing. I've read that this is criminal damage?"

Louise concluded that when she first reached out to her neighbours on Facebook, they were 'semi playing ball,' but have since deleted their account.

But if she was looking for clear cut advice then she'll be disappointed as people were divided in the comments section.

Some thought she was overreacting while others claimed it would irritate them too.

"It’s not ruined goodness. Just stain it. Yea it’s annoying but hardly fence replacing level of situation," commented one.

Another suggested: "Tbh, the fence looks like it needs some treatment, it looks very dry and dull. I would probably use this as an opportunity to treat my side and take up their offer to pay for half."

A third retorted: "Why should she stain it? She wasn’t asked for permission and she didn’t want it [done]. I would want it made good. If that means replacing it then that’s what needs to happen."

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Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "It would irritate me too, OP. Nothing they do on their side of the fence should affect anything on your side."

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