I'm an interior designer – home decor I'd send people to jail for, including a cult favorite that gets a life sentence | The Sun

AN INTERIOR designer has shared the common home decor he sees that he thinks is tragic.

He joked that people who use the decor should go immediately to jail.

Phoenix Grey (@mrphoenixgrey) shared the home decor picks in a video with over 700,000 TikTok followers.

"Decor items that I'm going to send you to jail for," Grey joked.

First, the interior designer singled out Rae Dunn-styled dinnerware.

"Starting off strong with a life sentence, you know what it is… Rae Dunn decor," he said.

"These whimsical items have been literally a cult favorite and they are so polarizing, you either love them or absolutely detest them.

"There will be no trial for this, straight to jail."

Next came a unique decor item — the crochet toilet paper holder.

"The ones especially with the doll, you will be immediately sent to the psych ward and you are not leaving the padded room," he joked.

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"No one, absolutely no one wants to make eye contact with one of those things when they're sitting on the toilet."

On the topic of bathroom decor, Phoenix said he would sentence anyone to five years' prison for a matching rug and toilet seat cover.

"These are so dated and I've seen these coming back… this is a petri dish for bacteria growth," he said.

Last but not least came mason jar decor: "Like I've said before, not everything needs to be upcycled," he advised.

"This DIY trend goes so overboard because you can't have just one, you need the entire matching set for absolutely everything."

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on his picks.

"If Rae Dunn has a million haters I'm one of them," joked one commenter.

"If she has one hater it's me, if she has no haters I'm dead."

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"You and my grandma are gonna have words," joked another.

"Those toilet paper dolls haunt my nightmares," agreed a third.

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