I'm a size 18 and I've found the best Skims dupe – it's only £12 and I couldn't get a pair of shorts on without it | The Sun

A WOMAN has claimed that she has found the ‘best ever’ Skims bodysuit dupe. 

If you’re a fan of Kim Kardashian’s shapewear range, but can’t afford the hefty prices, fear not, one fashion fan named Dem has taken to social media to share her honest review of the bargain bodysuit.

Posting under the username @demmarie1, Dem explained that she is a size 16 to 18 and got a size XL in the Skims dupe bodysuit.

She revealed that she bought the bodysuit from TikTok shop and was left very impressed when she tried it on.

The fashion fan shared a clip with the caption ‘Literally the best thing ever made😍😍’.

In the clip, we first see Dem try on a pair of denim shorts, without the bodysuit.

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The shorts are much too tight for Dem, so much so that she can’t actually zip them up.

She said: “Ok so I have another pair of shorts that quite clearly don’t fit.

“I can’t actually get them to do up at all.

“I bought them last summer and they’ve just never fit but I didn’t take them back, so I’m gonna try the Skims dupe bodysuit and see if it helps at all.”

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However, once Dem had put the bodysuit on, it sucked her in so much that she was then able to zip up the shorts.

She continued: “This is the shape that the bodysuit gives me once I’ve put it on and before the shorts.

“I’m going to show you in real time whether I can do them up or not.

“Well, does up already…so they’re very snug still but I can do them up and I can breathe.” 

Dem’s video has clearly impressed many, as it quickly racked up a whopping 417.8k views.

It now has 26.7k likes, 255 comments and 76 shares.

TikTok users were left open-mouthed at the bodysuit and were eager to get their hands on one too. 

One person said: “Just ordered! Can’t wait.” 

Another added: “So cute! I like it.” 

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A third commented: “Wow that's amazing i need one.” 

Meanwhile, someone else asked: “Would it be uncomfortable or hot to wear all day?” to which Dem replied “Not at all, I wore it for a night out and completely forgot I had it on.”

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