I'm a short curvy girl – people think I've had a BBL but my thighs match my butt | The Sun

A CURVY girl has clapped back at people who accused her of getting plastic surgery.

She says she's all-natural and has the thighs to prove it.

Vanessa (@realmevce) shared her video with over 30,000 TikTok followers.

The self-proclaimed "short and curvy" girl stood up against an accusation people threw at her.

"When people think I have a BBL but my thighs match," she said.

The content creator stood in front of the camera in a tank top and jeans, showing off her thighs.

"Like what, let's keep it a buck," she said, lipsynching along to Ice Spice.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her response.

Supporters told her to ignore the haters: "Pay em no mind young lady, you're gorgeous," said one commenter.

"You're beautiful, disregard the haters," said another.

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Others shared that they faced the same struggle.

"FR (for real) I'm lowkey offended people are saying this about me at work," said one.

"Okay I'm looking at more of your videos, who ever told you that is a dumba**," said another.

"Your stomach is flat and you're super curvy, you're blessed."

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