I’m a server – I wear revealing outfits and bikini tops to work but I still don’t get good tips | The Sun

A SERVER says she doesn’t get good tips despite wearing revealing outfits and bikini tops to work.

Jazi (@ThaiGemini) has more than 5,000 followers on TikTok, where she describes herself as an “unprofessional comedian.”

She creates content by making jokes about her job and other antics about her life.

Jazi works at a bar where she’s allowed to wear revealing clothes, however, she says it hasn’t worked out well for her in terms of tips.

In one video, Jazi is seen wearing a sash and tiara that read “Birthday Girl.”

“My table after tipping me $14 on a $170 bar drink tab and taking my favorite pen then wishing me happy birthday,” read the text overlay.

Jazi sarcastically dances along to the sound while wearing a black bikini top and jeans shorts.

According to Jazi, she works at a “breastaurant,” which are restaurants that have the female waiting staff dress in skimpy outfits – most notably seen in places like Hooters.

“I feel like a lot of people don’t understand the MASSIVE difference in the type of service given at breastaurants compared to a regular restaurant,” she wrote in the comments section of the video.

In another video, Jazi stands outside the bar she works at in a skin-tight, black mini-dress.

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“Working at bombs and wearing revealing clothes for money,” read the onscreen text.

Then after a long pause, Jazi jokes that she actually has body dysmorphia.

Jazi joked about her restaurant misadventures in another video where she sarcastically complained about having to learn the menu at her job.

“When I used to get paid to be hot in a short skirt and now I have to learn a brunch and dinner menu and remember what 100+ wines taste like and their pairings,” read the text.

In the video, Jazi mouths along to a popular TikTok sound where she screams, “No, please, I’m a star!”

She compared it to having to study for the SATs.

One commenter criticized Jazi for the video: “i’m floored that y’all find memorizing a menu and drinks difficult…. it’s the job……”

Jazi responded: “I’ve been in the restaurant business for 5 years, I’m good at it.”

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