I’m a mum & already preparing for Christmas dinner – I found a clever way to get my kids to eat their veggies on the day | The Sun

GETTING your kids to eat their vegetables on Christmas day can be a challenge, especially when they're surrounded by sweets, chocolate and cakes all day.

But one mum has already begun planning how she'll make sure her kids eat their veggies on the day.

Taking to TikTok, the mum revealed how she was planning to get her children to eat their roasted parsnips.

In a clip posted to the account, Sinful Bakes, the mum came up with a clever way to make them seem more appetising.

Instead of boring old roasted turnips, she decided to add a bizarre ingredient – cheese strings.

She roasts the turnips in the oven and once cooked, cuts them in middle.


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The mum then takes a cheese string and puts it in the middle and allows them to cook until the cheese has melted to tempt her kids to eat them.

The mum, from the UK, said: "I'm always thinking about how to get my children to eat vegetables, and this is a great one for Christmas day.

"Roast your turnips, pop a cheese string in the middle and pop it back in the oven or the microwave, bit of pepper if you wish, and boom."

"Always trying to get my kids to eat Veg anyway I can and I love this idea, especially for xmas day! Throw a bit of chutney on it too! Yum," she captioned the post.

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While the mum thought it was an excellent hack to get her kids to eat their turnips – many were doubtful it would work on their little ones.

One joked: "So now I’ve wasted a parsnip and a cheese string?"

Another person commented: "I don’t know about my kids eating them but I sure as hell would."

A third penned: "My kid still won't even give it a sniff no matter how much cheese I throw on it."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "That wouldn't even fool me, an adult. I'd just scrape the cheese off."

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