I was single at 30 but desperate for a baby so watched a DIY insemination video on YouTube & got pregnant on my first go

A WOMAN who was eager to have a baby at 30-years-old has revealed how she did alone at home.

Dani Morin shared how she had become pregnant in 2019 from DIY insemination in a TikTok video that has been viewed over 700k times.

Now a mum of a two-year-old boy, Rhett, Dani confessed she got the idea from watching a YouTube video about home insemination and got pregnant on her first try.

Dani said she was willing to try anything to be a mother again after unfortunately losing her little boy, Deacon to a terrible accident whilst he was at nursery.

She decided to take things into her own hands and purchased a vial of semen from a sperm donation bank.

Instead of going to the bank to be inseminated, she decided to do it at home after watching a YouTube video.

Although sperm banks recommend purchasing two vials Dani purchased the one and fortunately, it worked giving her Rhett.

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The mum paid a total of £35 for the vial of semen which was delivered in a cryogenic tank, which is used to store frozen biological material, which she stored in her home.

She said friends would be shocked when they saw it as they realised she was not joking about making a baby at home and alone.

Dani started the process by taking fertility supplements and checking in with a financial advisor to make sure she was financially in a position to have a child.

Dani said she only needed three items to complete her DIY insemination; a Syringe, lube, and a vial of semen.

Although Dani suggests the experience was relatively easy, as she got pregnant on her first try, The Human Fertilisation and Empbryology Authority warn it is safer to do this at a clinic where it is sterile and done by someone with experience.

Users were shocked by her story but happy for Dani, one wrote: "Do your thing boo congratulations and sending love thanks for sharing."

Another viewer exclaimed: "What a LEGEND!"

"YASSSS GIRL!!! I am 30, single, And doing the same." A third viewer commented."

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