I ignored medical advice and got drunk before having lip filler – it was a BIG mistake

A WOMAN has urged people not to go out drinking before having lip fillers, after being left with a swollen, bruised pout as a result.

Niamh Harkin took to TikTok to share a video of her filler experience, alongside which she wrote: "Don’t drink the night before fillers."

After having the filler injected, the right side of her lip started to swell and bruise, before things got increasingly worse.

In the end, she was left with a huge bruise on the right side of her top lip, and two smaller lumpy bruises on the left side.

While Niamh didn't go into detail about why the reaction had occurred, it's a known fact that cosmetologists don't advise drinking for 24 hours ahead of having fillers.

This is because alcohol is thought to enlarge blood vessels which, in turn, increases susceptibility to bruising.

In the comments section, many people were left stunned by Niamh's reaction.

"Is that just from drinking? You sure they didn't hit or burst something lol," one person wrote.

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Another person added, "Ohhhh no I drink all the time before fillers and have never had this reaction. This looks like a burst vessel!"

To which Niamh replied: "Still living."

"Haha god I’m glad they didn’t get any worse. I would’ve cried," someone else wrote.

Others used her video as a sign not to have fillers themselves, tagging their friends in the clip.

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