I asked my hairdresser for a trendy pixie cut – but was left looking like a MUSHROOM

MANY of us toy with the idea of getting a pixie cut, chopping our locks off for an edgier look – like Cara Delevingne, Zoe Kravitz or Emilia Clarke.

But spare a thought for this poor lass, who took a picture for inspiration when getting the chop but was left looking like a MUSHROOM.

New Yorker Zoe, who posts on TikTok as Blooper Reelz, showed off her unfortunate haircut on the platform.

Posing with her hood up, Zoe said: "This is the photo I showed my hairdresser" – with a vintage snap of actress Winona Ryder.

She then took down her hood, revealing: "This is how it looks". "Help meee", she later added.

Commenting on the video, other women wrote: "Omg!!!!" and "This TikTok is hysterical".

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One said: "Oh my gosh I’m so sorry that happened. I wish I could cut it for you xxx".

While a second wrote: "I’m so sorry. I do think though that you’ll be able to style it I think. Also you’re very cute anyway."

And a third added: "I think I want my money back…"

Some said Zoe's desired cut never would've worked on her hair – but the stylist should have warned her of that.

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One wrote: "it's a bit shorter than the pic, but her hair is waaaayyyy thinner than yours, but your stylist should've let you know it wouldn't look the same".

Others advised Zoe to simply style it out, but she says her hair "hates hairdryers", making styling tricky.

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