How to make a ‘Meatball Sub’ with only HALF the calories (and yes, it’s still got cheese)

FAST FOOD is a weakness for many, but making your own version instead can help save the calories and the pennies.

And one fitness coach is here to save the day by sharing a quick and easy recipe on her own version of a Subway-style meatball melt. 

Bec Hardgrave, from Brisbane, posted her mouth-watering recipe to her almost 100k Instagram followers. 

And to top it off, her version contains 421 calories compared to a standard Subway meal which is 805 calories. 

The ingredients required are lean beef mince, tomato pasta sauce, a hotdog roll, and Jarlsberg light cheese slices. 

And for the extra taste, she also adds seasonings like Italian herbs, salt, and pepper to taste – along with vegetables of your choosing.


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Firstly she added 120g of the lean beef mince, 1 tsp of Italian herbs, and 1 tsp of salt to a bowl.

Then she began to knead the mixture by moulding it into little balls.

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She then added the meatballs to a fry pan and sautéed them with 50g of tomato, garlic, and herb pasta sauce until they were sizzling.

To follow on from this, she cut a hotdog roll in half and spinach, the meatballs, and topped it off with two slices of Jarlsberg lite cheese.

The video has received over 100k views across TikTok and Instagram, with many flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts. 

One woman said: “This is amazing.

“I always see my friends enjoying Subway but it is unfortunately not halal.”

Another added: “Thanks for recipe! I am going to DIY my Subway sandwiches and take them out with me.”

A third wrote: “Meatball subs are my guilty food of choice – but with this recipe I don't have to feel guilty anymore.”

A fourth stated: “You make it look so easy! I'm definitely trying this today.

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“I wish this is what mum meant whenever she said we have food at home.”

The meatball melt contains 12g fat and 34g carbohydrates with 40g protein.

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