From Jack to Mia – these are the names of the UK's naughtiest kids according to teachers

THE naughtiest kids' names have been revealed, and it’s bad news if your tots are called Mia or Jack.

These two monikers have been found to be the children who are most likely to misbehave in the UK, while Isla and Arthur are considered to be the most angelic.

A study conducted by My Nametags analysed the opinions of 1,500 teachers and parents to make their naughty and nice lists.

While Jack was deemed to be the least likely to behave, other naughty boys names were found to be Connor, Daniel, Riley and Tyler.

When it comes to girls, Mia is the name that parents and teachers associate most strongly with mischief, followed by Ella, Isabella, Amelia and Sophia.

Interestingly, boys were thought to be naughtier than girls, with Mia ranking number eight on the list – behind seven boys’ names.


Top 5 Naughtiest Boys Names

  1. Jack
  2. Harry
  3. Charlie
  4. Oliver
  5. George

Top 5 Naughtiest Girls Names

  1. Mia
  2. Ella
  3. Isabella
  4. Amelia
  5. Sophia

    Naughty behaviour was also found to be considered linked to levels of intellect, with Jack and Mia also considered to be the least intelligent.

    Meanwhile the name George was found to be the most intellectual and also the most kind-hearted, according to adults and kids.

    Parents may wish to consider calling their child Arthur, Noah, Oscar, Muhammad and Leo, who were all thought to be well behaved boys.

    And for girls, the most angelic names were Isla, Ava, Grace, Olivia and Emily.

    There was a correlation found between some of the most well-behaved kids and shyness, with Arthurs, Noahs and Graces thought to be some of the most introverted children.


    Top 5 Best-Behaved Boys Names

    1. Arthur
    2. Noah
    3. Oscar
    4. Muhammad
    5. Leo

    Top 5 Best-Behaved Girls Names

    1. Isla
    2. Ava
    3. Grace
    4. Olivia
    5. Emily

    By contrast, boys named Charlie are seen as the most confident children, with just three per cent of parents and teachers considering them to be shy.

    For girls, it’s Olivias who are assumed to be the most confident, with Isabellas topping the list for intelligence.

    Kids deemed Isabellas and Harrys to be top for being spoilt, whereas teachers found Olivers to be the most indulged.

    Chartered Clinical Psychologist and Scientist, Linda Blair, explains why these stereotypes exist: “We form stereotypes about what people will be like based on only a few easily obtained facts such as facial expression, body posture and a person’s name.

    “Rather than making judgments about others scientifically-taking a dispassionate look at everyone called Noah or Isabella, for example-we create our stereotypes using just the people we know, as well as those we think we know via social and other media.

    “Once we’ve formed a stereotype, it becomes fixed in our minds because of a phenomenon known as ‘confirmatory bias’.

    “This is when we look for and remember people who match up to the stereotype we’ve formed, while at the same time ignoring information that doesn’t fit.

    “This is why we become so convinced our stereotypes are correct.”

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