American Idol Hopeful 'Garbage Man' Doug Kiker Shows Off New Teeth on the Finale

American Idol’s Doug Kiker is smiling big!

The singer, who made it to Hollywood but got voted off of the latest season of Idol prior to the top 20, returned for the finale and unveiled his brand new smile.

Kiker, originally a garbage man from Mobile, Alabama, immediately charmed judges and audiences with his audition in February, singing "God Bless the Broken Road" by the Rascal Flatts.

For the finale episode Sunday, Kiker made his return to sing the same song, but this time he had the band themselves virtually performing alongside him — and he had a new look.

Kiker, dressed in a white t-shirt and a leather jacket, showed off his new teeth during the performance. He previously debuted his smile during the home check in episode of Idol last month.

"Y'all notice anything different about me? I got new teeth, guys," Kiker, previously gap-toothed, said at the time.

"The sky's the limit, man,"  he continued, after addressing the change. "Y'all got me feeling that way. I finally believe in myself enough to actually sing in front of people. I'm about to go do somebody's birthday party. I'm gonna video-chat them due to the COVID-19."

Kiker had an emotional beginning on American Idol. When he first appeared onscreen, the trash collector admitted that he didn’t know how to warm up his voice.

After leaving the room to practice, he ended up wowing judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan, who jumped up from his seat to play the piano while Kiker sang.

“For a man who has no idea what his voice can do, for a man who has no idea what key he’s singing in, for a man who has no idea who the heck he can be, he’s here to do one thing: He’s trying to show his daughter that he’s somebody,” Richie said following the audition. “I want us all to let you know, you’re a hell of a man,” he continued. “I want you to come get this ticket. You’re going to Hollywood!”

“That was not garbage. It was greatness,” a tearful Katy Perry later told Kiker, who shed cries of his own as he held on to his golden ticket to Hollywood. “You just stay who you are and you’re going to go so far. And you’re going to take your daughter to all the highest heights.”

In early May, Kiker announced that he is raising money to make an album of his own. According to the fundraising page, he is looking for $25,000 to hire musicians, finish his songs and rent studio time to record and produce them professionally.

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