45-Year-Olds Say This Anti-Aging Serum Takes 15 Years Off Their Face

After enough time in the beauty industry, you learn to be skeptical about a few things. There's more than enough love to go around for products that actually deliver, but marketing buzzwords cloud the field — so when I see any topical product hawking plant stem cells, my inner cynic emerges with a black coffee. Yet according to Amazon shoppers, one anti-aging serum that uses them is actually fantastic, and the reviews are so good, they convinced me to buy a bottle for myself. 

Andalou Naturals' Fruit Stem Cell Revitalize Serum is another hit from the brand, which is making waves on Amazon for its all-star lineup of organic formulas (they're troubling ingredient-free, so no parabens or phthalates). First it was the $13 brightening mask that even facialists use, then a firming moisturizer that takes 20 years off your face and a face oil that tightens "nightmarish" sagging skin. Now, the brand's revitalizing serum has shoppers in love for the way it makes fine lines around their eyes and forehead disappear, leaving skin tighter and smoother without relying on petrochemicals to get there. 

Especially in conjunction with the rest of the line, shoppers write that the results are almost instantly noticeable. One person in their 50s says that despite trying a boatload of serums, the Andalou is the first to make them look refreshed and brighter, and it gets to work immediately. Another in the same age range says that within two weeks, red patches vanished and "the little crow's feet lines at my eyes have all but disappeared." Shoppers also write that their sun-damaged patches were left smooth, de-puffed, and "not aged like before," leaving them "in love" with their skin.

Andalou Naturals serum

Shop now: $16 (Originally $26); amazon.com

What's in the purple bottle? A long paragraph's-worth of softening and anti-aging ingredients. Among the former are squalane, vegetable glycerin, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, panthenol, cocoa seed butter, borage seed oil, hyaluronic acid, rosehip fruit oil, flaxseed oil, and evening primrose oil, all of which make for incredibly smooth, hydrated skin. 

Extracts from white tea leaves, kelp, myrtle leaf, and goji fruit provide an antioxidant boost, and the anti-agers include apple-derived stem cells, resveratrol, a "BioActive Berry Complex," vitamin C, and ubiquinone, the last of which dermatologist Michele Green says can help combat the aging process. 

All of the above makes for a serum that allows 45-years-old to pass for 30, and causes a 38-year-old to write that after spending hundreds of dollars on skincare, they've replaced their most expensive products with Andalou Naturals'. Along the same lines, a different person says that after trying products in the $100 to $250 range for years with no success, once they snagged the Revitalizing Serum on sale, their skin turned plump and glowing — earning it praise as "the only product I've used in many years that has made me look better." 

I'm not quite at the point of clearing out my medicine cabinet for the "miracle serum," but with shoppers marvelling that it's the best thing they've encountered in 50 years, it seems like just a matter of time. Ethereal praise likewise comes from a final shopper, who writes: "I'm not sure what they put in here, but it's magic. This is a must have — after one night I can tell the difference." The serum is currently 41 percent off, so if you Prime it, those results are all of two nights away.  

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