20 Soaps & Sanitizers To Keep Your Hands Clean During Coronavirus

With the terrifying time the world is going through right now, it’s essential to stay clean by washing your hands constantly & we rounded up great soaps & sanitizers that will help you stay safe!

The coronavirus is seriously affecting the entire world and many precautions must be taken to ensure the virus does not spread more than it has. To help prevent the virus, it is absolutely necessary to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds if you have been in a public place. With all the commotion over the scary outbreak, hand soaps and sanitizers have been flying off store shelves, but have no fear because we rounded up hand soaps that are still available and you can see them all when you click through the gallery above.

Mike Rogowski, Senior Scientific Nutritionist at Plexus Worldwide, shared with HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY, how you can maintain healthy hygiene in order to slow down the spread of the virus. “The skin is a hostile environment to many pathogens and the survival duration of pathogens on the skin is much shorter than on a hard surface. The problem is that even though the skin micro-environment is good at killing pathogens within a few hours, this is still plenty of time for us to initiate infectious contact with our orifices or lesions.

“My advice to the best remedy for this situation is to maintain rigorous hand hygiene while being mindful not to touch your face, and take additional care to moisturize your hands (preferably with a low pH moisturizer), as the depletion of skin lipids from washing and sanitizing will dry them out and raise the pH. Use a pump device or tube squeeze container to minimize contact with the contents of the entire container of moisturizer and don’t share with other people.”

To see our top picks of hand soaps and sanitizers, click through the gallery above!

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